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First time dual boot

By matrix86
May 4, 2011
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  1. Ok, so it's time to reinstall XP on my netbook. Poor thing is slowing down a lot. I'm not a big linux fan (too much of a pain in the *** for me) but figured I would give this new Ubuntu 11.04 a chance. So I want to do a dual boot. I tried running Ubuntu in a virtual machine...the problem: my little netbook can't handle running an OS in a virtual mahcine, lol.

    So what I need to know is how to do this dual boot. Windows will be my main OS. Now before we move on, here's one more thing. When running Ubuntu in my virtual machine, I got an error message saying I do not have the hardware specs to run Unity and that I need to run classic linux. I have no idea what features this means i'm missing out on in the new Ubuntu. So a little help there too, maybe. It may be the deciding factor as to whether or not I dual boot Xp and Ubuntu.

    I have the XP reinstall disk and the ISO for the new Ubuntu. So far, that's as far as i've gotten, lol.

    My netbook:
    MSI Wind U100
    1.6gHz (easily overclockable to 1.9 at the press of a button)
    2GB RAM
    120GB HDD

    Thanks for the help guys! I know I threw out a lot of questions here, but hopefully you'll bear with me. Just keep in mind i've never used linux before. My ex-wife loved it but I never could get the hang of it...trying one more time on my own machine to give me more time to learn it.
  2. Zen

    Zen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 861   +48

    I know I'm not offering much technical data as to why I think you would be ok going with your "dual boot" idea. Other than to say that the other day at a local garage sale, I picked up another lap top computer which I set up for my kid. That new lap top of mine has just about the same spec's as your netbook. I can't vouch for Ubuntu 11.04, as for I'm being a hold out on that one, going to hold out until version 11.10, gives them time to work out a lot of bugs that I've been reading about.

    If I were you I would try to get my hands on Ubuntu version 10.10 and go that route. Now I'm no Linux expert, seeing that I've only been with Ubuntu for close to three weeks but version 10.10 is a solid winner!

    But again with those basic system spec's that you told us about, I see no problem with Ubuntu 11.04 running on your system. Heck I will save you the time in searching for the netbook system requirements to run Ubuntu Netbooks Version.

    Ubuntu Netbook Edition

    If you have a netbook and a supported graphics card, using Ubuntu Netbook Edition (formerly "Ubuntu Netbook Remix") is an interesting option. It has a nice interface adapted for smaller screens, and a selection of applications aimed at netbook users.

    Ubuntu Netbook Remix is designed to run well on netbooks with typically minimal specs, i.e.:

    - Intel Atom processor @ 1.6 GHz

    - 512MB of system memory (RAM)

    - 4GB of disk space

    - Screen of 1024x600 resolution

    - Graphics chipset with support for visual effects

    If my "cut & paste" job didn't help you out much, please click on the provided link and it will launch you to Ubuntu's web site, to their system requirements page.


    Hope at least some of this helps you!

    Good luck..........:)

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