Five-minute Google outage reportedly caused 40% drop in global traffic

Matthew DeCarlo

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A brief outage in Google's services last week nearly halved the web traffic recorded by analytics outfit GoSquared. The downtime reportedly lasted only a few minutes on Friday afternoon, but it was significant to affect most of the company's major...

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Because it is. The day Bing actually starts giving results that actually have something remotely to do with what I was searching for and Bing Maps stops having obvious problems like my local Walmart being marked nearly 2 miles away from its correct position, I might consider actually using its services. Well, at least they're still much better than the outdated tech from 15 years ago that is Microsoft Outlook, so we can at least say that not all Microsoft dev teams are created equal.


[FONT=arial]Scumbag Steve: Uses Bing for free, complains about it constantly[/FONT]

Bad luck Bryan: Uses internet for the first time, Google is down.

[FONT=arial]Morpheus: What is I told you...There are other search engines besides Google and Bing[/FONT]

F me right?: Sometimes I use Bing when I cant find google results, and find what I was looking for...F me right?

Fry: Not sure if the internet crashed, or just google.

Lumburg: Yea if google could just come back up now, That would be greaaaaat.

First World Problems: Google is down on my ipad, I have to search the net with Bing

Good guy Greg sees that Google is down. Just uses Bing and doesn't cry about it.

Darth Shiv

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noting that the company also saw a spike in pageviews as services returned to normal activity and users began reaching their destination -- undoubtedly after testing the resilience of their F5 key.

Apparently F5 followed by a 404 Page Not Found error is still preferable to Bing.
Yeap! Seems like a big chunk of the internet agrees.


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Back in 1995 I use Yahoo for all my searches, but when Google came out I started using that more and never gone back to Yahoo. Never heard about this Google outage until now.