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Formatted C: drive, now won't boot

By aa755
Mar 9, 2006
  1. Okay here is somthing I did really stupid. Really stupid. I wanted to upgrade my computer Operating system from Win98 to Win2000, but I was having problems, so I decided to format the C drive. First thing I had never format C: and boot from Win 2000 cd and voila it would solve my problem. How stupid could I be? I didn't even bother partitioning or doing anything. I just went to dos and typed C: format C: it asked me couple of times if I was sure. I typed 'Y'. So, now no mater which bootdisk I try, I downloaded all of 95bootdisk and 98bootdisk available at bootdisk.com but I still can't even boot my HD.
  2. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,729   +409

    I believe its likely a simple issue. If you have downloaded boot disks and they aren't booting to something workable then you don't have the proper boot sequence set up in your BIOS. Normally people like to make it your floppy drive first, and then your cd drive, and then your hard drive.

    Your 2000 cd should be bootable, so you don't need a 9x boot floppy. If it isn't though, you need to boot off a 9x floppy and then start computer with cd rom support (it will be an option if you boot off the floppy). From there you can start the 2000 setup. I can't remember if setup.exe works (I don't think it does for 2000) or not. If it doesn't then you need to start the install by typing <cddrive>:\I386\winnt.exe

    Good luck.
  3. astro2

    astro2 TS Rookie

    i'm a amateur

    i'm the most amatuer as they come so i'm not the best person to answer this post. So be warned i'm dumb as a brick and only know abit bout comps

    but since you completely formatted off your comp (god knows why, since new OS systems such as 98 and above automatically do that for you)

    just get a bootable copy of a OS, then go to your hardware set up aka

    when it boots you should be able to press ' f1, or delete'

    then set your computer to boot from cd-rom.

    save, then restart. Once it boots up it should read your cd-rom with your windows2000, then just install your OS.

    sure hope that helps for you. I had that same prob when i was new to comps.

    p.s most new windows (irregardless if its a upgrade and not full, should be bootable from cd-rom) unlike old comps like 486's
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