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FPS Problem with CS 1.6

By naamax ยท 14 replies
Aug 5, 2004
  1. Hi, i just bought a new GFX Card, Connect 3D Radeon 9800 Pro and when i finished installation with drivers i launched counter-strike and almost got a heart-attack because the fps was SO low. It even went under 50. I had better fps with my old GF4Ti4800SE and thats so strange. Someone might know whats wrong?
  2. uNreal

    uNreal TS Rookie Posts: 23

    yeah i know what's wrong... GO BUY A GEFORCE CARD !!!
    i have sapphire radeon 9800 pro too, and i have fps problems in 1.6/cz too... but not 50, but it was like 60 on aztec sometimes, when i just bought it, but now, when my card is overclocked, and i have low-fps models, my fps is 90-100.

    It's just that the Half-Life engine has some conflicts with ATI cards... it is a known problem, but it will not be fixed :| Just wait for Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source
  3. BrownPaper

    BrownPaper TS Rookie Posts: 407

    Welcome to Techspot! :wave:

    Umm... you need to fill out your system specs in the profile. We need more info on your rig (power supply, cpu, memory, cooling, are you OC'ing, etc.)

    On PM, you said that you installed Cat 4.7. Did you install the drivers that came with the CD first, then install Cat 4.7? Always uninstall prior drivers before reinstalling new drivers. You may want to use a program called DriverCleaner afterwards to get rid of all the ATi crap that might be left on the system. Folow the direction on the readme.

    Make sure you update the drivers for your motherboard, sound card, nic, etc.

    Make sure you disable Trueform in the ATi Control Panel for OpenGL (if you are using OpenGL renderer for CS). Disable vsync too (that can cause fps issues). If you must have vsync, enable triple buffering under compatibility after you click the radio button for OpenGL.

    Do all the console commands for CS:
    ati_npatch 0, ati_subdiv 0, fps_max 100.

    I assume you do not have any spyware, trojan, virus on your system. Spybot S&D and Adaware away the spyware. Btw, some anti-virus programs can slow down your system.

    Is this fps drop random? If it only happens with a lot of smoke, than it is probably normal.

    This fps drop thing, from what I noticed is pretty random. There are a lot of variables involved. Some days Steam runs smooth and other days it is choppy. I only notice the fps problem on maps like aztec though.
  4. naamax

    naamax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yea sorry i answer late i just got to computer. I have newest drivers with any devices except sound card i suppose.. Trueform is off, Vsync off, triplebuffering on. I already had those CS commands. I use S&D and Ad-aware both twice a day, and full system scan with my Norton antivirus weekly. It happens mainly on aztec..
    My computer: 2600+, 768ddr 333MHz, Connect3d Radeon 9800 Pro -> flashed (dunno is it the right term :D)XT, Gigabyte K7 Triton, SB Live 5.1, Silverpower 350w.
    Picture of my fps http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/alphacode/fpsgoespro.JPG
    Picture of OpenGL settings (d3d settings are same) http://www.angelfire.com/ga4/alphacode/OpenGL_d3d.JPG
  5. naamax

    naamax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I just want to play CS 1.6 with a nice fps is it asked too much? 48fps and that gfx card costed 230euros...
  6. BrownPaper

    BrownPaper TS Rookie Posts: 407

    You should only have triple buffering on if vsync is on. Triple buffering only helps if vsync is on. Else if vsync is off, turn off triple buffering. This topic was discussed in a thread over at Rage3d forums.

    CoLD_SToRAGE TS Rookie Posts: 19

    You may also want to take ATi's advice from their own help pages


    Go back to Catalyst 3.6 should have some effect.

    Also you state that you were having much better frame rates before, how high? Did you have the 'deleloper 1' on to read FPS beyond 100, if so disable it. It can apparently have negative effect on frame rates if they are not reaching way above the 100 mark.

    This is however a well documented problem, ATi seem to concede it can be fixed with a driver (i.e. its their fault) but since not everyone with an ATi card has this problem there may be something a little deeper to the issue.

    CoLD_SToRAGE TS Rookie Posts: 19

    or, you could try the 4.9 catalyst beta driver, this has newly written opengl driver. Wonder if that would help at all.
  9. ICS|RandomKilla

    ICS|RandomKilla TS Rookie

    lol.. fps issue!!

    The other day, I discovered a trojan on my computer.. Ever since then.. my FPs in counterstrike can drop down to 5.. when it was running around 60-80 constantly (minus smoke, which seems to drop FPS for lots of people) now.. I get like 70 or 80 fps.. only if i'm looking at a wall... other than that.. if i'm in gunfire or in certain maps, i drop down to about 12 fps.. sometimes it'll hit 5 fps.. what can be done about this? i deleted the trojan.. and i tried updating my ATI Radeon 7700 with the available updates.. but nothing seems to work... on guy told me to reformat.. has to be an easier way.. besides.. i'm in maine, and all my software CD's are in south carolina.. lol... and the computer was just reformatted 6 months ago.. right before i moved up here.. i've tried updating the video card numerous times... HELP!! lol
  10. Prowlerr

    Prowlerr TS Rookie

    Ok, I found some things for people that just might work... it worked for me, it should work for you. Fps problems are normal in CS which is why im buying the geforce 6600 512mb... but for right now i got my good old radeon 9200se which IS RUNNING MOSTLY at 100fps, youre 9800 should definalty be running 100fps, my friends did. Anyway here are the steps to anyone having problem with Fps is CS.

    Step 1
    Update your Graphics Driver to the latest available.
    ATI Users go here: www.ati.com
    nVIDIA Users go here: www.nVIDIA.com

    Note: Do not just install the new over the old Driver! Go to your Computer Control Panel and uninstall the old Driver first, reboot your Computer and install the new Driver - reboot again when the Driver ask to!

    You can also go to www.tweaksrus.com to find one too...

    Step 2
    Go to your "C:\windows\system32\" folder and search for the file
    "atioglxx.dll" if you are ATI User
    "nvoglnt.dll" if you are nVidia User
    "opengl32.dll" is the Default OpenGL Driver if you don't use ATI or nVidia
    rightclick the File and click "copy".
    If you cant find you system32 folder - like me - up at the top that search bar is there... manually type out C:\windows\system32 and it will send you to the folder.

    Step 3
    Go to the folder "gldrv" in your Counter-Strike folder. Usually located at "Steam\SteamApps\YourAccountName\counter-strike\gldrv".
    Inside this folder are 2 files. Rename the "3dfxgl.dll" to "3dnwrk" Now press CTRL + V or do a rightclick and paste. Now you should see the file we just copied from the "system32" folder.
    Note: If the file is not there right now, slap yourself at the forehead and return to Step 2! ^^​

    Step 4
    Open the file "drvmap.txt" with a Editor (Notepad or whatever), but do not use MS-Word!
    Delete everything inside this file! Now write the new Line:
    "gldrv/nvoglnt.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you are nVidia User
    "gldrv/atioglxx.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you are ATI User
    "gldrv/opengl32.dll OpenGL Driver" (without the " ") if you use Default OpenGL
    Save and close this file.

    Step 5
    Restart Steam, Start Counter-Strike and go straight to "Options". Go to the Video Tab and choose OpenGL (left top "Renderer"), click apply and ok.

    That's It!!!

    Counter-Strike should now run in OpenGL Mode and is supposed to give you 100 FPS - or atleast higher than your old fps.
    Note: Make sure to set your FPS to 100 in CS. Open the Console and type "fps_max 101".​

    Also go to your Graphics Driver Panel and set VSync OFF.
  11. Prowlerr

    Prowlerr TS Rookie

    Also, one other thing that I found... the ati_npatch command in CS actually brought my fps DOWN! along with ati_subdiv - they both brought it down... if you have downloaded the newest driver for ATI leave ati_npatch and ati_subdiv at 1 - otherwise setting this at 0 will cause a lower fps.
  12. Prowlerr

    Prowlerr TS Rookie

    Anyway... form what i see it only brings mine down like 3 fps in some spots and it brings it up in other spots by like 3 fps... the ati_npatch and ati_subdiv doesnt really matter form what i see... if your fps is low like >60 put them on 0 if it is 60< put it to 1
  13. frosty1247

    frosty1247 TS Rookie

    I have a ATI radeon x1600 Pro and I cant get over 60 fps at any time no matter what i set in the consoul. I cannot fing the option on my grafics card to turn off the vertical sync (Vsync) can anyone help me??? I am using the Catalyst control center by ATI.
  14. Cosmin

    Cosmin TS Rookie

    Help me pls !!!

    Hello everyone ! :): , I'm from Romania:wave: , and I need some help with Cs 1.6 fps ....I'm very sorry that my english is not very good :( ,I have in my PC this components :

    AMD Athlon(tm)XP
    CPU 1.06 GHz, 512 MB of ram

    Adapter Type - ATI Radeon 9200 Series AGP
    Memory Size :128 MB
    Internal Dac 400 MHz

    Monitor : Kangguan viewTech Center (KTC) - normal
    And a ATI Catalyst by ATI

    HDD size 80 GB

    Windows XP Service pack 2

    My question is how I may increase my fps 30 to 100 or how I may stable my fps at 40 -50 fps or higher , I tried very many programs bat very slowly some differens
    I try guides bat none of the program or the guides make my fps stable . It is possible to tweak or if is a program which can increase my FPS. Please Please Please Please e-mail me or let a post.

    Thank you ! verry match :)
  15. MysticDevil

    MysticDevil TS Rookie

    Very gay

    Okay well i play counter strike and when i first got my computer i was having 100fps min. and about 300max in every server.

    about 3-4months later it started getting lower and laggy

    and i started having problems with finding servers on internet.

    it would lag me out and my internet would like shut off.

    but now i changed services and the lag outs are fixed but i still have low fps (60 max)

    Processor: AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5200+ 2.61 GHz

    RAM: 2.00 GB

    Sytem Type: 32-bit

    Windows Vista

    [ I'm not good at computer stuff so i don't know if any of that info is usefull, but tell me what else u need to know about my comp]

    hope i get some help...
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