Frame rate problems with GF3 and P4 1.7Ghz

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fps problem PLEASE HELP ME! >_<!


1.7ghz P4
640MB of RAM

I have a problem with my frame rates in games that I haven't been able to figure out. I mostly play Counter-Strike but have encountered the same problem with other games. Everytime there is something graphic heavy on the screen my frames drop to anywhere around 30-50. When not much is goin on, it stays at 99/100fps. The drop in fps is very noticible. : ( The really frustrating thing is is that no matter what I do, be it change game graphic settings, resolution, memory settings, GeForce properties, I still get the same drop in framerates (30/50fps).

I feel like I've tried everything.... I've checked all my drivers. Tried a number of different Detonator drivers. Tried GeForce tweak tools, and I've even tried clean installing windows. I've also tried all kinds of tweaks for Counter-Strike but nothing seems to change with my fps.

Please, if anyone has any ideas why this might be happening, HELP! :(



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Welcome to 3dspotlight forums but please use meaningful non-pleading topics

Does it drop and stay at 30/50? Or just flicker between that and higher levels?
What resolution are you running CS in?
Is this problem only visable in CS?
Do you have antialiasing or antistropic filtering switched on in the OpenGL or DirectX drivers? Infact which are you using in CS?
If your not using OpenGL I suggest trying those.
What motherboard are you using? Is it SDRAM that you have?

When posting problems like this its useful to have the whole picture as strange things like motherboard chipset problems can often be the cause. Without a full picture forum members could run round in circles guessing at what the guilty component is when it would be plainly obvious if we had the complete details...
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I apologize for sounding pleading, and also for being vague. This is the first time I've ever posted in a forum for a problem I was having with my computer.

First off, my frames flicker between 30/50 when something graphic heavy is on my screen, and then return to 99/100.

Currently I'm running CS in 1280x768, but have the same exact problem in all other resolutions.

Almost all my games seem to have the same problem. Max Payne and Ghost Recon are two others that I've had similar drops in frames when something graphic heavy is on screen.

I have both anistropic filtering and antialiasing turned off in my display settings. I'm not sure if your reffering to somewhere else that I can turn them off in your post.

The drivers I'm currently using are the Detonator 23.10. I've tried some other detonator drivers including the newest version but saw no change.

I'm sorry, but I'm not exactly sure what your suggesting I should try. :confused: I am using OpenGL with both anitaliasing and anistropic filtering off if that's what you meant.

As for my my motherboard, I'm not exactly sure how to check which one I am using. And finally I am using RDRAM.

I hope that helps.:)


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Ok. Sorry if I confused things.
And don't worry, most people post in a forum with a plea if its a horrible hardware problem. We just like it clear so that if there is a solution to the problem someone else can find it easily :D

Ok. I am running Windows98SE, a GF3 (original) with a 1.4Ghz Athlon at 1.5Ghz with Detonator 23.11, the last official non beta release from Nvidia.
CS at 1024 runs flawless at 99 with antialiasing switched on so I can definitely say that there is some problem. Your card should be able to handle this.

Is it an original GF3 and not a Ti200 or Ti500 that you are running? Is this the original computer configuration or did you upgrade the hardware? With a clean install you might need to install drivers for your motherboard. When you boot the computer up it should have some info at the top of the screen before it checks memory which includes model info about the motherboard.
Failing that you can download SiSoft Sandra which gives you lots of system information for free :grinthumb

Can I safely assume that this is a prebuilt PC from Dell/Compaq or some other company? If it is then can you post the model number. Then it should be possible to find out from what the motherboard is that is in it which would save you from downloading anything...

PS: Sorry about all the questions but its usually the quickest way to find what the problem is ;)

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Lol, don't apologize for the questions. I really appreaciate that someone is taking the time to help me. :)

The GeForce is an original and it is the original configuration. I'm using a Gateway Performance 1700XL. I updated the chipset after clean installing but I'm not sure if that's what you mean.


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Sho, I have the same problem with a Dell 8100 1.7- I've the latest motherboard Bios so that is cool. I'm using NvMax and used all the tweak settings recommended in the 3D Spotlight article. In Undying during the big fight parts FPS slow down to a craw and then jump right up when things slow down in gameplay.


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I'm not a huge fan of 3dmark2001, but I suggest downloading it to see if DirectX performance is below par.
Get it at

I haven't found any information about this sort of problem yet.
Its strange because I can't understand why that configuration would have significant slowdown with Half Life CS...
But now that I come to think of it we have Dell 8100 desktops at my office with TNT2 cards and a couple with Geforce2MX cards. I have seen some strange video lag on these with CS, never checked the frame rates during them as it seemed more random than just when there was something going on.
I'll keep you informed if I come up with anything useful :(

PS: For looking for information about your machine they have renumbered them to the 700C rather than 1700XL....
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