Freebie: Fan-made Half-Life Co-op mod lands on Steam this week

By Shawn Knight
Jan 21, 2016
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  1. Half-Life has been getting a ton of attention lately although not the kind that most are hoping for. Nevertheless, we've learned that on Friday, January 22, Valve will release Sven Co-op on Steam free of charge.

    The first public build of Sven Co-op was posted to the Atomic Half-Life fan site 17 years ago, shortly after Valve launched the first Half-Life. As the name suggests, it offers a co-operative game mode based on the original title.

    Its age may turn some off but that also means it includes nearly two decades worth of custom maps and a plethora of game modes to choose from. The standalone game also includes hundreds of features, fixes and improvements on top of the aforementioned maps and loads of new content. It's worth noting that all past and present donors will be able to keep their bonus features in the Steam version.

    The game's official description on Steam says players must work together against computer-controlled enemies and solve puzzles as a team.

    The popular mod, which has received numerous updates over the years, got Valve's approval in 2013 to build a full standalone game. The company even offered up the game engine that powered Half-Life and its expansions, Opposing Force and Blue Shift, as well as a GoldSrc license to help with development.

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  2. 9Nails

    9Nails TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,215   +177

    I've been in hot water with my home ISP for running the game in server mode at home! I had a lot of fun playing this game and eating up all the bandwidth in my neighborhood. I'll be downloading it again, but this time I might not run it in server mode ;)

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