Fried processor?

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Aug 15, 2006
  1. I have recently been given a barebone system, a Soltek Qbic 3402M, installed windows, installed WoW, and 2 days later played WoW (flawlessly if I might say) and it turned off while playing it when I wasn't there. I tried to turn it back on, nothing but the fans moving just a little bit.

    I have had a diagnosis and I am sure that the motherboard is fried because I tried a different PSU in it and the same symptoms showed.

    I plan to salvage what I can (processor, RAM, HDD, CD/DVD ROM, Radeon 9800pro, CPU heatsink and fan) and buy new parts off of newegg. I have all the parts set up and ready to checkout whenever I want to, but I have one major question.

    "Is the processor or RAM fried along with the motherboard?" Or is there anything I can do to check?

    Btw it is a 2.4 ghz Intel Celeron (I believe) and 2x512mb DDR 3200.
  2. Nodsu

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    You can test for dead bits only by replacing them one by one or trying them in another system one by one.

    CPUs are very rare to die, unless you run some 1-2GHz ones without a heatsink :D RAM usually doesn't go completely either. Of course, it is possible that everything has to be scrapped, but I'd say very unlikely.
  3. -86-

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    Any information helps. I'll go ahead and buy my parts then. Thanks man.

    I miss my Qbic. It was so sexy. It has been a great 2 days playing WoW with you. :(


    I have it on display on my desk because I can't detatch myself from it.
  4. sw123

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    Could be dead mobo, dead PSU, or dead hard drive. Also, it could be overheating the psu, and then it fried and the fans arent spinning at full capacity, then it could be a power problem. I would get a new psu and try it out. 400w is optimal.
  5. -86-

    -86- TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I did try a 300w or so PSU in this. Same things happen.

    Although, maybe the cube having only 200w was one of the problems while running WoW with a Radeon 9800 graphics card.

    But the stuff I have lined up for it is decent.
  6. sw123

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    Is it safe to take off the case cover so air can circulate? it could have overheated.
  7. -86-

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    Did that first thing. It is fried. I had a diagnosis from a computer shop.

    Although, it was very hot up there at the time that it happened. And I don't think playing WoW on it helped to keep it cool. And the PSU, being 200w and not suitable for what I was doing, was also running very hot. And it is a small cube.
  8. CrossFire851

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    Did you put the spacer pins on your case? If not or you have no clue what those are, then you go and MAY need a just a new mobo.
  9. Britishwookie

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    I had a burnt Nvidia MB ATX and I was playing CS:S and it went black then wouldn't start up basically but nothing started up. so the fans kicking on seem to indicate the processor. normally if you fried the Processor it'll have a slight burnt smell to it and maybe some scaring (Black burnt bits like on burnt chicken). Your ram should be perfically fine tho because the MB will beep if the ram is bad but kicking on but nothing happening sounds like the processor what you can do is just take it out smell it and look. Oh and it is safe to have the cover off just make sure its in a dust free inviorment and that its NEVER on any carpet due to ESP discharges, but it normally dosen't help temp wise unless you have some kind of big box or steel fan blowing on it.
  10. -86-

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    Yea that sounds exactly like my case. Although I wasn't there when it happened so I don't know what it smelled or sounded like. And it was over a month ago o_O

    Can I remove the processor to look at it and then store it somewhere for a while? Because if it is ok then I might keep it for the other option that I have, building a new computer out of the spare parts that can be salvaged.

    Here is what the computer looks like inside:

    Side veiw of the IcyQ cooling fan.

    Side view of the graphics card that magicly fit in.
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