FTP file transfer

By Amy61166
May 29, 2010
  1. Hi,

    I can connect to my domain; however, I can’t log on. What is the correct syntax? I found many just not the right one. And … how do I actually transfer the file?


  2. jobeard

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    ftp domainName (or ip address)
    prompt will be user:
    enter userID on that system​
    prompt will be password:
    enter proper value​

    you can then find your location on the server with pwd or change using cd path
    you can see the contents of the Current Working Dir (or cwd) with ls

    control text transfer with ascii or binary for graphics with bin

    now focus on the client (you) vs the server (the system you connected to)

    you move files from client => server with put filename
    or fetch files from server => client with get filename

    you can also move more that one file with a pattern match on the mput or mget
    to move all jpg files, the pattern would be *.jpg, eg mput *.jpg or mget *.jpg

    the mput/mget commands will prompt with the actual file name to be copied followed by [y n] to which you reply with the single char to allow or deny the copy.

    to end the session the command is bye

    if the session gets hung, just close the command prompt window.
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