FTP on Windows XP

By formetopoopon90
Feb 17, 2007
  1. hey guys. Is it possible to do a ftp on windows xp from the command prompt? I've open the ports on my router for all of my computers, allowed ftp with norton and my firewall and still it says, connected....*then shortly after* disconnected by a remote host, or it will say "unknown error number". I try to connect to my other computers ip adress, but it always says the same thing. Am i missing something?
  2. Nodsu

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    What exactly did you do? Set up a FTP server on one of your computers and now can't connect to it?

    You connect to a remote computer by running "ftp server.ip.or.name"? Then it says that it is connected, but doesn't prompt for a username/password?
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    hum; you usually PORT FORWARD the router to a specific ip address
    (ie inbound requests can only go to one system). Outbound connections do not
    need this if you connect and use passive data.

    Win/XP (all versions/editions) has the FTP client for use under the CMD prompt.
    To have someone connect to your system using FTP, you need the FTPD server
    installed and it is avialable on Windows Server editions. There may be some 3rd party
    version that are compatible and installable for XP/home/pro -- google for it.

    As to firewalls, both FTP and FTPD, you need to allow at least in/out traffic on port 21.
    if you use the passive command after connecting to the remote system, that
    will be all you need. if you forget or don't want to use passive, then you also
    need to allow i/o traffic on port 20.

    Be advised, when FTPD is installed, active and your firewall is open on these
    , you WILL be subject to intrusion attacks. A good policy to follow is to
    only start/stop FTPD for the period needed.
  4. formetopoopon90

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    ahhh ok i got it.:giddy: . Thanks guys!!!!
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