Futuremark releases basic and advanced 3DMark 11


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Futuremark has released the latest version of what is arguably the most popular 3D and system benchmarking suite on the market. 3DMark 11 is designed to measure the performance of DirectX 11 hardware running on Windows 7 and Windows Vista; it uses a native DirectX 11 engine created in-house by the company. The benchmark includes six new benchmark tests that make extensive use of all the new features in DirectX 11 including tessellation, compute shaders, and multi-threading.

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Ah, just missed it! I was reading the GTX 570 review! If either of the above people refuse the key, I'll take it! :)


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Wish I'd been here earlier to get a free Advanced Edition key .....
I too would like to know if 3D Mark 11 can benchmark my DX10 8800GT vidcard! If so, I want oo test that card before I drop in my Asus ENGTX580 coming today from NewEgg.com. I'm running Win7 Pro x64 with a 27" 1080x1920 ViewSonic 60Hz LCD monitor.


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I shoulda looked for the answer myself, shame on me. Apparently the basic edition only runs 1280 x 720, but at least it's 16:9 so I can run it. My GTX 470 is feeling old already sheesh! lol


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Does the new version of 3DMark11 address how newer hi end cards can automatically throttle power usage? If it doesn't, then the results will still be inaccurate. =(


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"Apparently the basic edition only runs 1280 x 720..."

Makes it completely worthless for me. I'll have to be a little more aggressive in checking out the articles in case other freebies pop up. :D


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This thing needs some patching, widespread reports of it stopping at the first physics test, and apparently it doesn't like quad crossfire yet, at least not 4 x HD 5850's.


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Julio said:
Keys sent to the two first posters, those only took 7 minutes to go, not bad :)
You could call us eager, but I would say we were damn lucky! I've seen how quickly some things go here! hehe.

I've been wanting to get a second GTX460 for a while, but couldn't warrant any reasons to do so. This may be a good excuse. Although I think I'll wait for Crysis 2 to come around...