Galaxy S5 fingerprint scanner can easily be fooled, hacked


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One of the marquee features found on the Samsung Galaxy S5 - the fingerprint scanner integrated into the home button - can easily be fooled by hackers looking to gain access to the device, according to a report from Germany's...

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Could it have been that they mentioned (unnecessarily) that they used an iPhone 4S to accomplish this? Not even trying to be inconspicuous.
Sorry, but how many people are going to go as far to make a PCB mold to do this? Jeebus... write about something more useful.


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Give it 5-10years before phones can actually manage fingerprints as even fingerprint machines are bigger than a phone and they are only their to scan your fingerprint so obviously its a fake thing when its on phones....


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I can tell ya a few things that could make this more secure. Not only having a password, but having the fingerprint technology to detect a pulse so that the use of PCB isn't even possible. But investing into that kind of technology for a phone would be remarkable though. Isn't there an option in the phone's settings to be able to change the amount of failed attempts before it prompts for some kind of passcode? That would be a smart move.


The writer of this article needs to do more research before posting.
I have the Samsung galaxy S5 and it does ask for a password after three
attempts of trying the fingerprint scanner. You should really get your facts
straight before releasing this. Further more it will give you the strength of
the password your trying to use.


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After reading the article and now the comments...seems like a troll article. I seriously doubt after X failed attempts it would not ask for a password... Fingerprint tech is still to immature to be taken seriously. Its just a toy...


It's right in the settings on the Galaxy S5 Fingerprint Scanner and look it up.
Before you spout this nonsense.


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I'd like to believe that this spoof would only work if you have access to the owners fingers. If you found a phone lying around at a bar, I doubt this spoof is of any interest. Until they show me that they can use any random finger print I'm just going to consider this as plausible, but an unlikely way to access a phone. You might take my phone away from me, but you'll never take away my fingers!