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By cozzielex
Nov 8, 2009
  1. I have and Asus A6J laptop (specs in my profile) with 1G RAM and CPU Intel T2300 @1.66GHz.
    I have to play most games eg Ghost Recon, call of duty at low specs. Will improving the ram improve this and can I increase the cpu speed to any effect.
    Finally will the new COD Modern Warfare 2 paly on my computer.
  2. cozzielex

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    re my above message

    sorry to add another post, but to illustrate the above I have the game Far Cry 2 which plays ok on low specs but it fails the 'Can you run it' Test because of my card and cpu speed. I know Im stuck with my video card which is why I want to know if increasing the cpu speed will help and if so how its done. I'm not going to ask about ideal cpu speed (I've seen the warning and I dont want to be shot!) but I will ask whether cooling pads are any use. According to the test my RAM passes the test but I wonder if an increase will generally enhance performance.
  3. MetalX

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    There's not much you can do with a laptop. Increasing the RAM might get you another 5-10% performance, but don't expect a miracle. The only way to really be able to play those games properly is to buy a new gaming laptop or a desktop with a fairly powerful video card.
  4. cozzielex

    cozzielex TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 42

    Thanks MetalX, I guess I'm stuck with what I've got for the time being, anyway thanks for your advice.
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