Game server disconnecting

By AngelzLi
Apr 24, 2012
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  1. i am desperately seeking some guidance here pls. i looked possibly everywhere and tried all i could and so far i still get disconnected from certain games after 1-10 secs after entering the server. it only happens to the same 3 games so far: City of Heroes, DCUO and Everquest II. i contacted NCSoft support they said i have packet loss and to contact my ISP. which i did, they came out 3 times changed my lines, tweaked my connection and everything is fine. ive googled and visited so many sites where it seemed ppl had the same problem but most of theirs were solved by router issues or the thread died and no solution follow up ever posted. i do have a wireless modem that my ISP provided but i cant access it like u can with a router u buy in the store. and i am connected directly to my desktop by ethernet cord. i am using a brand new 1 month old desktop comp, i have tried to use my laptop but still get disconnected. i borrowed my mothers laptop and i DO NOT get disconnected while trying to play on her laptop using the same connection. im sure what further info might be needed so ill just say ill add more upon request. i just spent a lot of money on this comp and GW2 and im nervous i wont even be able to play it. ive updated windows (im using windows 7, 64bit), drivers, firewall. i just dont know what else i could try. my friend told me he had once had the same problem with DCUO and a friend of his had him download a program then he was able to play..sadly he cant remember what it was he downloaded -.- pls help, any and all suggestions are welcomed...i rly just have no where else to turn =( thanks.

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