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Dec 18, 2006
  1. i have a game cube for my son and the reset button sticks so bad that the lid wont stay shut it there a way to get a new reset button or is there something else i need to repair
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    is it still under warrenty from the store where you bought it from?
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    no it was bought over 2 years ago
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  5. NES Master

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    The gamecube Reset and door buttons stick because of poor design that didn't take into account the continual use. These plastic buttons stick because they have over time literally become rough around the edges. The problem can be fixed rather easily by a couple methods. If you have the security bit and can open your gamecube, just take the reset or door button out (by squeezing plastic clamp locks toward each other and pushing out). Next take some fine sandpaper and sand around the button, and inside the hole. It only takes a minute or so. When you replace it, the button will work fine. Hope that helps some of you.
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