Gateway FPD1975W 19" Monitor isn't turning on

By pingpongmury
Sep 20, 2009
  1. Just wtwo hours ago my Gateway FPD1975w 19" LCD monitor was bumbed (not hard enough to break anything) and it shut off and went into "Theft Deterrent Mode" and prompted me to enter a three didget code to disable it. As i was entering the code i accidentally hit enter before i finished entering the code and the monitor powered itself off again. since then i have not been able to turn the monitor on reguradless of what i try, pushing power button, pushing menu buttons, unplugging power or video, restarting the computer it's hooked up to, holding down power/menu buttons, everything... if anyone knows what is going on with my monitor would you please let me know what i could do to fix it. I've had the monitor almost two years now and have no problems until today.

    ANy help would be very much appreciated.
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