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Gateway notebook, screen goes black

By SpecialFNK
Apr 14, 2008
  1. i have this problem with my Gateway notebook, and i have a few questions about my situation.

    it started a few months ago. one day while my laptop was on the screen just went black. the laptop was still running, the screen was just showing black. i could pull the battery and unplug it to shut it off, and then when starting it up again the screen would be ok for a few seconds before going black again.
    i was thinking i could just take it into the computer store because it was still under warrenty, but the problem is i have some "stuff" on this laptop i dont want anyone else to see. since i couldnt see the laptop to do anything with the "stuff" on it, i just stored it away and used my desktop computer.
    a couple weeks ago i thought i would try the laptop and now it works, the screen was good. i figured there was a chance it could go black again so i thought this was my chance to remove the "stuff" that i didnt want to be seen. i know with the laptop there is a System Restore which will restore the computer to an earlier time, so simply deleting the "stuff" wasnt going to completely remove it, right?
    so instead of a System Restore, i used the CD that came with the laptop and did a System Recovery. this puts the laptop back to the original settings that came with the laptop when i bought it from the store. the only programs on the laptop now are whatever was on it when i bought it from the store. in checking the System Restore which restores the laptop to an earlier time, the only day available is the day i did the recovery. is the "stuff" i had on the laptop before now completely gone?
    if the "stuff" is completely gone i can feel safe about taking it into the store to get looked at while its under warrenty. ive heard that somewhere on computers/laptops that even after deleting something it is still there and can be found by those who know how. now that my laptop is back to the original form, if the "stuff" i HAD on there before is somehow still there i want to know if i need to download some additional program to wipe it clean.

    -what causes the screen to go black? maybe some type of lightbulb? and is that something i can replace myself? i dont see anywhere that says anything about a light or lightbulb.

    -since doing the System Recovery that put the laptop back to the original form that i bought at the store, is anything that i put on the laptop completely gone? meaning any "stuff" i HAD on the laptop is gone and no longer able to be found?

    thanx for any help. if i need to give any more information let me know.
  2. Matthew

    Matthew TechSpot Staff Posts: 5,270   +103

    Assuming you deleted the old partition then created a new one and installed Windows there your "stuff" should be completely gone to the extent that unless someone really goes far out of their way to try and retrieve a shred of data here and there, it's not going to be seen. It will not be seen while just performing whatever repairs or maintenance it is that they are going to perform.

    It might just be a loose connection between your LCD and the motherboard and it could be significantly more complex.
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