Gateway T-6321 Laptop Wireless Problems

By driscol
Feb 7, 2010
  1. The laptop's wifi was working fine a week or two ago. Then it would start disconnecting after 10 or so minutes. The networks are still detected, but I am unable to connect to my network. After "Diagnos[ing] the problem," the computer tells me that my security network key is incorrect. Even after entering the correct key, it still does not work. Please note that at the same time, wireless internet works for the pc in my room as well as any other electronic devices. Could there be a problem with the hardware?

  2. pepsi1

    pepsi1 TS Rookie

    Yes, that is one possibility, but not the only possibility. If you had an irregular shut down, or power outage on that laptop, it could be that the information for connection became corrupt, or something is missing in the software to recognize your original setup.

    I would try to make a fresh install of your card or wifi device as if this was the first time you connect to your network. It could be your driver got a twist in it's giddy-up, and just needs an update or a re-install.

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