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Geforce 240 GT 1GB DDR3 not installing properly

By Gotmilkman
Nov 23, 2011
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  1. Hello, I'm trying to install the 240 gt driver and I'm having problems with it. I keep getting an error "The graphics driver could not find a compatible graphics hardware." I had a cd driver disk that came with the card, but It doesnt seem to work correctly, it "installs" the drivers, but the fps is like 12 in wow which I know this card can do way better than that.
    I have tried downloading different 240 drivers from nvidia.com get that same error. Also if I go into computer management and update display drivers it will update to "Standard vgs graphics adapter"
    So I don't know what Iam doing wrong. I went from a 8600 gtx to this 240 gt for now, and the 8600 is out doing it, but I know that is because the 240 isnt installing correctly.
    Any help will be helpful.
    Im using a dell Dimension 9150
    Ram: 4gb
    OS: 32 bit win 7
    Graphics card is a 240 gt ddr3

    I do want to throw in that I tired the card on my EVGA P55 SLI motherboard to and same results.

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