GeForce 4 MX440 blank screen

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I have the following specs:

P4 1.8GhZ Socket 478
17" Samsung CRT Monitor

I've installed the new GeForce 4 MX440 AGP (a great upgrade from my Radeon 7000 PCI).

But the problem is, it does not display anything. I can hear Windows booting (through the startup sounds) but the monitor's on standby mode. (but power LED's blinking faster - compare it to the usual standby blink.)

I Tried plugging in other cards and it worked.

Help please.


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If other vidcards work, then it is probably a problem with the GF440 itself, perhaps the video output is not working.


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Blank screen veteran here!

I have been having long - term problems of exactly the same nature with an ATI radeon 9200. It did work in one machine ... belonging to my friend. The caps lock would flash on and off forever until I took the card out and put in the original PCI card ( the PCI wouldn't work with the ATI card in the AGP slot either - screwed there too!). My monitor behaves the same way with this ATI card: everything sounds normal, monitor powers up and then hibernates, light flashing forever.
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