GeForce 6600 256 MEG- Black screen problems

By hawkez
Mar 14, 2006
  1. Here is my problem. I built this system 3 months ago. I have just moved from the USA to Australia. After arriving here and unpacking it, the computer booted up fine and ran for several hours. Then the screen went black and monitor turned off. When ever I booted it got to the windows XP is loading bar, then goes black and monitor is in what seems to be standby mode. I removed the card (AGP 256 meg Geforce 6600-Aopen brand) and put in an old Geforce MX420 which works fine. Later tried newest drivers with 6600 and then reverted to old ones. The last thing that happend is, it seemed to be fine (except it flickered to a black screen more than normal while installing older drivers.) After I got it all up and working, tried a game and it loaded, then rebooted. It likes to flash to a black screen back and forth on the desktop as well. Not sure what to do at this point.

    AMD 64 3400+, 2 GIGs of Dual Channel RAM, Aopen 6600 256 MEG, 2 Maxtor 200 GIG drives (1 SATA, 1 IDE) SONY Dual Layer DVD Burner.

    Good actual power supply, not one of those ones that come in cheapo cases. Yes I switched to proper voltage when i moved to AUS. :)
  2. DonNagual

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    My guess would be power supply gone wacky.

    Can you test your 6600 in another machine?
  3. hawkez

    hawkez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I made sure I purchased a real power supply for this system. I knew the graphics card and AMD 64 CPU would draw alot. Also those "400 watt" supplies that come in a case for $60 are not good. Anyway, yes I can test it in a couple other machines.

    A little more info the system was working fine in the US for 3 months. Only after running it here in Australia for a few hours did it show this problem. Also a geforce MX420 works fine. Power supply is an Antec TPII-430. the only change I have made is switch it to 220 from 115 for use here in AUS and gotten the proper power cord.

    Thanks for your reply. Still checking things.

  4. hawkez

    hawkez TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok, I finally got around to testing it in another machine. The same thing except even sooner. I don't think itis the power supply, eveything else works and it is a good one. the thing worked for 3 months inthe current system. The day I hooked it up0 in Australia it "seemed" to work fine. Later the screen was black as though the monitor shut off. That is what is acts like. The light on the monitor changes form GREEN to ORANGE. Oh well I JUST tossed allthe packaging when I moved over here. I have since orded a new card, but if anyone has any ideas. I am open to try therm :)
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