GeForce 6800 problem

By xscomputer · 4 replies
Jan 4, 2005
  1. I recently got a evga GeForce 6800 128 agp card for my computer. the problem im experiencing is i cant get any nzone demos to play correctly, even the ones designed for the lower end videocards. I game incredibly though, and thats what i dont get. I have installed the latest nvidia drivers and the latest via hyperion drivers for my motherboard and i still dont fix the problem. My directx is up to date and i am running out of ideas. I have 512 pc3200 ddr memory in my pc at the moment and an amd athlon 64 3000+.... does anyone know what could cause this sort of glitch, or better yet does anyone know how to fix it? please help me, this is killing me...
  2. vega

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    You'll have to be more specific as to the nature of the problem - what do you mean by your quote that you can't play nzone demos correctly? is there break up? slow down? blocky gfx? incompatiability issues?
    without knowing any of this, we can only do so much for you.
  3. xscomputer

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    Ok to be more specific, I am not talking about game demos first of all I am talking about the nvidia demos offered for specific videocards (i.e. Dusk, Dawn, Timbury) When I try to play the demos, the graphics look incredible but the program is extremely choppy, almost as if the demo is playing at only 2 fps. Also the background music with all the demos plays flawlessly, the only problem is the video.
  4. vega

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    In that case, welcome to the club - in preparation of the arrival of my new 128 meg leadtek 6800, I downloaded all the latest nvidia demos like you and on fitting it in and installing the latest driver, was gobsmacked by the really choppy gfx - I assumed that having spent £250 on my card would mean the end of this - not so!

    The demos you mention require a really meaty setup but having said that, you should'nt be having that problem with the older titles.

    I suspect that the demos are aimed at the lucky 6800 gt owners out there but fear not, you've still got a nice piece of hardware - check it out with some of the latest titles like doom 3 - in conjunction with my amd 2400 cpu, I can run it at the high graphical setting at 1600x1200 res & its as smooth as caramel!
  5. buzz234

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    hey there..

    What it can also be is your setup in the advanced settings of your display. go to the settingsa panel for the graphics card and make sure everything is either on default (and vsync is OFF!! nasty piece of product there...)

    PLUS, the demos work in many resolutions. check that your working res. ie your windows desktop res and the demo res. have the same attrributes.
    you can modify these in the demo folders as a notepad file.

    hope this has helped.

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