Geforce 8400 in an Optiplex GX60?

By NinjaKitty
Jan 21, 2009
  1. Well, recently I've wanted to upgrade my computer. So, I bought a Sparkle GeForce 8400 GS Video Card - 512MB DDR2, PCI, DVI, VGA, S-Video, and 2 gb of ram. Ram hasn't arrived yet, but the video card has.

    My computer is a Dell Optiplex GX60.
    Since I can't post the pictures I took, if you want to know about the Dell Optiplex GX60, all you have to do is google "Dell Optiplex GX60". Only thing I've really added is the graphics card and it's got 512 mb ram now.

    My current Graphics card is a Nvidia geforce 5200 FX 128mb.
    I've recently restored my computer.

    My problem is, with both cards in my computer, I only see things with the VGA cord in the 5200. I put it in the 8400, monitor goes to sleep.

    I take out the 5200, put the VGA cord in the 8400 and it shows the boot screen, then nothing.

    So, question is, is my computer able to work with the 8400, or did I waste my money?
  2. klepto12

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    put in the 5200 and go to add remove programs uninstall the nvidia display drivers. shut down put in the 8400 boot up and go to nividia site and download the drivers for the 8400 which uses different drivers than the 5200.
  3. NinjaKitty

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    In my first post I said it was a VGA cord, I was wrong. It was a DVI cord. Installed the drivers for the video card, turned off computer, turned back on, monitor didn't even turn on...Pulled out the 5200, tried again. Only showed the first loading screen, then bam, nothing.
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