GeForce RTX 4060 Ti 16GB is likely arriving on July 18, but board partners are uninterested

Daniel Sims

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Facepalm: New mid-range RTX 4000 Ada graphics cards are increasingly appearing as mediocre offerings, with their prices being the main disappointment. Customers had hoped for a variant of the 4060 Ti with more VRAM, but a $500 price tag is scaring off AIB vendors.

Reputable leakers indicate that a new GeForce RTX 4060 Ti model with 16GB of VRAM could launch as soon as next week. Users who were disappointed with the variant released at the end of May have requested a model with more memory. However, Nvidia and its board partners reportedly predict that the new version's price tag will limit its success.

Most recent information suggests that the 16GB RTX 4060 Ti will be available on July 18. However, HardwareLuxx editor Andreas Schilling is saying that add-in-board (AIB) companies are offering relatively few models of the card because its $500 price is too close to the 12GB 4070, which will likely easily outperform it. A leak from ITHome suggests that at least one Asus ROG Strix 16GB 4060 Ti could cost more than the most affordable 4070.

Hardware Unboxed reports that there won't be any reviews for the upcoming GPU at launch because AIBs won't provide samples. Nvidia has so little faith in the card that it won't even release a Founders Edition.

In our review of the 8GB 4060 Ti, we called it a perfectly capable GPU with the wrong price. Mid-range products from Nvidia's last-generation RTX 3000 series or AMD's Radeon RX 6000 line offer comparable performance at much better prices. Our RTX 4060 Ti vs. RTX 3060 Ti 40 game benchmark shows that the newer card barely outperforms its predecessor – and in a few cases is actually slower.

The RTX 4060 (non Ti) didn't fare much better. Its 8GB of VRAM – an amount customers have been criticizing since Nvidia included it in the RTX 3070 – undermines the card's value at its $300 price tag. European retailers seem to agree, as its lukewarm reception in that market has led to price drops. Furthermore, the 128-bit wide memory bus doesn't help. Overall, the GPU feels as though it should have been named the RTX 4050. As it stands, the only Lovelace card with a solid price-performance ratio is the $1,600 flagship 4090.

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Both 4060 and 4060 TI will get price cuts in the territory of $30-$50 dollars pretty soon. There is no other way to salvage these launches.
Both 4060 and 4060 TI will get price cuts in the territory of $30-$50 dollars pretty soon. There is no other way to salvage these launches.

$30-50 off of the proper tier price maybe. 3050 got a pandemic price of $250, I can see that successor to that in the 4060 maybe sell for $200. They should change the names back though.
Man, Crypto pricing really went to Nvidia's and AMD's heads. You cannot charge more for your next generation if the performance isn't tangibly better and you certainly cannot charge more for the exact same performance as your last generation.

I foresee sales of the 4060Ti and 4060 being incredibly low and will need the minimum of a £100 price cut to even make anything move.

I'm amazed that the 4070 and 4070Ti have sold quite well though, they're also overpriced, not quite as bad as the 4080 is I guess but still overpriced.
It'll be interesting to see if more VRAM helps improve any gap between the 3060ti and 4060ti.
Can they at least pretend they give a sht? Every single decision they make is like they want to piss people of intentionally.
The minute you're starting to meddle with product naming with lies and deception and think customers won't notice, is the day you're opening pandora's box.

2-3 years down the line when Jimmy will be selling his stuff (or sooner, when talking and simply comparing) and will get laughed at for having bought the 8gb 4060ti instead of the 16gb 4060ti (at same pricing ofc) you'll have a disgruntled customer.
Same goes for the 8gb 3060 with smaller bandwidth than the first released one year earlier 12gb 3060.

SSD manufacturers have been doing this too with microcontrollers and memory chips, but there usually is not that much impact.
Just glad I'm not in the market for a card - Seems a great year for a few people to update internals - eg memory and if not using M2 slot yet - cheap AMD chip to slot right in long life board - but too much else is in flux - many people waiting next gen - ie many people snapped up 3080, 3090, -or top AMD cheaper or say have 2060-2080, or 5800 etc - all those people just wait next year - getting big jumps - neither AMD or Nvidia should try and skimp with 8Gb given fall out - both AMD and Nvidia promising new hardware updates - Plus AMD CPUs will get updated - Intel will do something and Motherboards will shake out .
Plus we want 4Gb plus M2 drives and many 128Gb DDR5 - I rather wait till a lot of this stuff nicely lines up.

I think AMD/Nvidia know that most people tend to upgrade every 4 years so they make the generation in between lack luster making the eventual upgrade seem more than it really is
Gonna be funny when the day comes where the 4070 runs out of vram and the 4060 ti 16 gb outperforms it the same way these 6700 xts are beating new 8 gig cards here and there.