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'general protection fault' while starting 'brother in arms'

By ani123 ยท 7 replies
Sep 10, 2005
  1. After installing 'brother in arms,road to hill 30', whenever i am trying to play the game,an error message is displayed calling it 'general protection fault'.I have tried both in winxp and win2000 but everytime I get the same message.my system config is asrock mob,2.4ghz,512mb ddr,geforce fx 6200(256mb,256 bit).please help me solving this problem.
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Is this happening in all your games, or just this game?

    I guess I would start with your drivers and update them if you haven't.

    Video card driver (from the makers website)
    Motherboard drivers (chipset drivers)

    and if that doesn't help, check if your bios is out of date.
  3. ani123

    ani123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 113

    no,this problem happened to this game only.I can run other game like moh(pacific assault)with no problem.I have newly baught asrock motherboard and geforce 6200 card, which have been installed using the driver cds that come along with respectively,then why should i update my drivers so early?I don't have clear idea about updating drivers and I also don't know how to check outdated bios and how to fix this.same problem with same game has been found in my friend's pc(geforce 5200).please advise.
  4. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    The thing is, your motherboard and video card were made some time ago, and since they were released, there have been updates to the drivers (this is true of all hardware). The drivers on your CD are likely out of date compared to the ones on the makers website.

    Your video card drivers (for Windows XP) can be found HERE

    There is a high chance that just the video card driver update will fix you up, but if it doesn't, then give us the motherboard info next, and we'll take it from there.

    As for the motherboard info, do you know the make/model? If not, is your computer a namebrand computer like a dell or something? If it isn't and you don't know the make/model of your motherboard, you are going to need to download a program that will probe your system to give us more info. Use CPU-Z, it can be downloaded HERE
  5. ani123

    ani123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 113

    Thank you for very quick responce.your information will prove to be helpful.I'm trying to update my video card driver(I haven't tried it before).is there any possibility that after upgrading my video card driver, I will no longer be able to run some games which are now running well?again,my os are winxp(sp2) and win2000.I found in the nvidia website(as prescribed by you)that video card driver upgradation is based on winxp.will I have to reformat my pc to install winxp instead of winxp(sp2)?please answer one additional question,:I have seen in net that battlefield 2 is not playable in winxp(sp2),only playable in winxp(32bit),is it really true?
  6. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    Of course there is always the POSSIBILITY. As a general rule the answer is, don't upgrade unless you are having problems (assuming you have a SOMEWHAT recent version - like say... 6 months). You are having problems and it sounds like your drivers may be more than 6 months old to boot. My advice would be to upgrade the driver. That's what I would do.

    I am not sure I am understanding your question here. Do you have a dual boot system with two operating systems?

    I will answer the question based on an XP system. Windows XP and Windows XP SP2 are the same operating system for the purpose of drivers. You will not have to reformat your system. It is HIGHLY recommended that you stay with SP2. The drivers on the nvidia site that say Windows XP are also made for the SP2 versions.

    I'll be honest and say that your questions don't really make sense, and it may just be a lack of understanding on your part about windows? It almost sounds as if you are mixing up Windows XP SP2 with the 64bit version of windows. They are two different things. But SP2 is the SAME operating system as Windows XP, it just has some very important fixes in the programming (especially in the security).

    The 64 bit version of windows is a whole different ballgame, and yes I imagine that there are a number of problems with games and programs not running well yet as it is a new OS.
  7. ani123

    ani123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 113

    Yes,i have dual operating system(winxp,win2000).I haven't mention winxp(64bit).The fact is: battlefield2 requires winxp,and some people have written that they can't play the game for having winxp(sp2)and they need to format their pc with an older version of winxp which doesn't include sp2(source:www.gamecrashes.com) to play that game,I wanted to know your opinion about this.
  8. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,404

    OK, sounds like I was misunderstanding you a bit. That's good news ;)

    I'd still stand by the suggestion of upgrading drivers, and add to this by saying I think it would be a bad idea to downgrade to SP1. By doing so you are making yourself vulnerable to numerous problems if you are connected to the internet.

    And by the way, battlefield2 is well known to be full of bugs (source HERE). Just because they are releasing shoddy games, doesn't mean you should make your computer vulnerable by going back to SP1.

    Just my two yen ;)
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