Getting "alt-tabbed" to desktop for no reason


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Hi everyone,

Over the past month I have racked my brain and updated everything I could possibly think of to see if it solves my gaming problem:

Every hour on the half-hour (2:30, 3:30, etc), SOMETHING alt tabs me from any game I am currently playing to desktop. I get the loading circle attached to my mouse pointer for about 8 seconds, then nothing. This is driving me CRAZY! Sometimes, 2 minutes after the previous alt tab, it will do it AGAIN! So if it say happens at 4:30, then it COULD happen again at 4:32, but that addition issue is seemingly random, as it doesn't always do this.

I have done the following:

Performed recent updates to Windows 7 Ultimate and rig hardware.

Tried to elevate the game's priority to high, but that didn't work, either.

Performed AV scan (Avast), comes up clean (and yes, it is updated).

Downloaded MBAM and performed a full system scan. Comes up cllean.

Ran Spybot, S&D, comes up clean.

Checked event viewer for any clues on what could be causing the problem. Whatever the cause, it's not showing up in event viewer.

**EDIT**: Found the issue. My Epson printer software had apparently scheduled itself for hourly update checks and system feedback to Epson.
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