Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P failing to boot from anything

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Hello peeps. Well, as the description says, my desktop is failing to boot from anything heh. Everytime it past bios into the bit where it gives me OS selection choice, it reboots itself.

I've tried taking out hard drives, all sata including DVD burner to no avail, then tested out my ram which also didn't show any difference.

I'm starting to think its my motherboard failure, south bridge or something, i can't remember what exactly controls the network NIC and USBs.

Why i think this is so is because lately after a long computer use, the NIC would stop working and i'd have to restart the computer. Also the usb keyboard and mouse would stop working and i'd have to unplug and re-plug them back in for that to happen.

Anyone can back me up on this?

Also, if busted, i'm thinking of changing out to an AMD 780GX or so (the DDR2 version) coupled with a Phenom II 920 or 940, even a 955 if i can. Now, before someone screams Core i7 at me, i know that i7's are good, but intel is screwing us making the lower end versions or i5's i think they were to run on different boards. To boot i7's and their boardsare fairly pricy at the moment and i just don't think its a wise move.

It might also be just a good enough option to replace the board with a P45 or so, since my Q6600 which USED to be clocked at 3.30 before it died on me.... was decent enough. Thoughts?

EDIT: I should add that i've tried to boot from live CD's and the like to no luck as well, even if i choose from the bios to enter the boot menu and go straight to disc. Also, i've also tried to revert bios settings down to fail-safe to no luck.

EDIT 2: The computer is back alive after a bit of a cooldown of some sorts... i turned off the psu and left the pc alone then decided to start it an hour or so later to once again confirm if i need a new board and this time windows loads. weird stuff, but is still signs leading on to a possible messed up mobo?


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Phenom II 920 or 940, even a 955 if i can
Might I add mr. hamster up there does 3D studio max, photoshop, video processing, and generally multimedia stuff, so a quad core is definatly preferable.

But I don't know what i'm talking about here either, so i'll bump :).
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