Gigabyte mobo/processor dies?

By tacoboy
Nov 25, 2005
  1. Hi all:

    Woke up one morning and my screen was blank (power was still on) and could not get any video when I rebooted. I went out and got a new mobo, RAM and processor. Everything else is the same and the PC is back up and running great.

    I tried everything to troubleshoot this - different RAM, different video card, reseating the processor, disconnecting all other peripherals. I tried having the motherboard out of the case sitting on cardboard with only the essentials plugged dice. The only time I got it to boot up (beep then have video) was when I put the processor in the freezer for about 10 minutes. Even this was sporadic though because once it warmed up it locked up again. Repeating this process did not ever get me to boot up successfully again so my thoughts that it was a mobo/proc heat related issue went away. I checked all the power supply voltages (I'm using the same supply now) and all were OK. Mobo is a Gigabyte 8ID533 and processor is 1.7GHz Celeron. Both have been working great for almost 3 years.

    Any ideas? If I could just narrow it down to a mobo or processor that would be a good start. Not sure what the likelihood of a processor failing is though. Could a virus have infiltrated my BIOS? The fact that I could get it to boot once indicates this not to be true.

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