Gigaware 43-203 usb headset muted mic problem

By mpropst
Feb 26, 2009
  1. Hi
    I've been using the Gigaware 43-203 usb headset from radio shack for a couple months
    It used to work, now the mute button on the headset is stuck on mute so I can hear but not record

    I tried a solution posted here (supposedly updated driver)


    but it was for model 43-122 and did not fix the problem

    I have confirmed the headset is not to blame
    (went to radio shack and my headset works on their machine and a new one off the shelf does the same problem on my machine so its' in my machine

    dell M60 precision laptop
    win 2000 pro
    audacity recording software
    in sounds and multimedia \ audio \ sound recording \ preferred device = usb audio device
    if i set it to SigmaTel (the internal sound card) it will record but with terrible quality

    anyone have experience with a mic/headset mute system getting stuck in mute mode?

  2. mpropst

    mpropst TS Rookie Topic Starter

    how embarrasing ... found it

    Control panel / Sounds and multimedia / Audio / Sound recording / Volume
    slider was moved all the way to the bottom which made mute lite come on in headset
    no idea how the system moved the slider to zero cause I sure didn't but it's working now;....
    Thanks to this site, it's great. I got the idea to look there by reading a similar post after posting this one.
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