Good PCIe video card with 250w PSU?

Feb 12, 2009
  1. Hi all,

    I'm looking to upgrade my video card but want to avoid messing around with the PSU (no idea what to do!). I currently run on a 250w PSU and most of the cards I've been looking at require a minimum of 300w.

    At the moment I've got the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 3000 which was standard with my HP but want to run a PCIe 256MB card as a minimum. 512 would be nice. Most of the Nvidia 9 series or ATI cards require at least 300w to run.

    Is there any danger of running a 300w card with a 250w PSU or is it simply a matter of the card not working at all? It's the first time I've tried upgrading any system so need to tread carefully!! I might upgrade the processor to the Intel Core 2 Duo 2.66Ghz processor as well in which case I guess I'll need a new PSU anyway to run it all. Graphics card first though.

    Don't mind about budget as I don't think I'm looking at anything too expensive anyway. Currently running HP dx2300 Microtower with 2GB RAM and Intel Pentium Dual-Core 1.8GHz with Windows XP Pro. Anything I've missed let me know!

  2. LinkedKube

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    ok umm lets see 300+(200-250) max output. Yeah I see a big problem there.
  3. Rig

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    DJXFM I understand your problem as I had a similar situation a while back, in my case I installed an 8600GTS on a 300watt power supply. The graphics card required at least 350watts. It still worked (for the most part). However I still recommend you do NOT proceed with the installation of the graphics card as in many cases the graphics card will fail.
    Also running a power supply out of its specification could cause numerous problems which could include damaging your current computers hardware or posing a fire hazard.

    Finding a good quality power supply with 400 watts will typically cost you £40 or less. If you encounter problems with the installation of that power supply you can always post on the forums again :)
  4. DJXFM

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    Thanks guys.

    I have found a graphics card that HP say is compatible with my computer so have bought it with a view that if they say it can go in the machine it must be ok with the PSU.

    I'll look at upgrading the PSU and graphics card together next time!
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