Good to Excellent intake fan please.

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Dec 11, 2007
  1. First off i have a Thermaltake Armor Jr. Case. The problem is the front L.E.D standard intake fan isn;'t taken in air at all. There is no wind blowing in the case, and yes the fan is mounted properly when i checked.

    So my question is, what is a good intake fan with good airflow and at a good air rate.

    Also, anyone know if the side window vent is a 90mm or 92mm fan placement?

    Note: The intake fan is 120mm.

    any help will be the best thanks.

    Please provide links with the item please.
  2. the best way to guage a fan's performance is by the CFM rating. the higher the rating, the more air it can push or suck in. and one of the best ones i've seen has a cfm rating of about 63. normal ones i've seen are around the 35cfm mark. and this is one is advertised as being exceedingly quiet as well. it's very high quality. you might be able to tell that from the price. but it's well worth it if you want performance and quality.

    25 dollars. it's 120mm as per specifications.

    i'm not sure about the side vent. but it appears to be a simple 90mm vent.
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    I looked for the side vent size and couldn't find it. These Yate Loons are supposted to be very good. Anything with a dBA rating of 30 or more is going to be fairly loud.

    Just for your info a fan with a dBA rating of 28 is twice as loud as a fan with a dBA rating of 27. That same fan will be four times as loud as a fan with a dBA rating of 26. So for each additional dBA the noise level will double.
  4. OCZElite

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    So will this do good as a replacement for my old intake fan?

    I live in canada, and i can get this for $17 for 1.
  5. Cinders

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    The Scythe fan is expensive, but it is a more than decent replacement for your current intake fan. It will be much louder than your current fan but should still be fairly quiet.
  6. OCZElite

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    Thanks for all your input guys. now i'm going to purchase the scythe fan as a replacement, eventhough it won't have the lights, but oh well.
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