Google blocks local video playback with Chromecast software update

Justin Kahn

TS Addict
Google hasn't made any clear indication on whether or not it will eventually allow users to stream local videos through Chromecast. At this point we know the company doesn't want third party app developers adding this functionality, likely due to...

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This is very disappointing, Google the most open of the tech giants restricting the choices on ChromeCast, just disappointing...

Craig Herberg

TS Rookie
Maybe I'm just lucky that I am able to play videos from my phone and DLNA network on Chromecast, via aVia Media Player Pro, which cost $2.99 in the Google Play store. It looks like aVia uses Fling, as the way to play on the TV (via Chromecast) is to "Fling to. . ." my TV.