Google Chrome Scroll Up Fix

By PaulusDev
Sep 23, 2008
  1. Hi!

    I wasn't sure where to post this and I appologise if I have made a mistake. Please move this post if it is inappropriate.

    I looked into the problem of not being able to scroll up in Google Chrome and I have released a program to automatically fix the issue.

    "The issue is caused by Google Chrome setting incorrect information about it's scroll bars. Scroll bars' positions appear to be at the top (or left if the scroll bar is horizontal). Some mouse software (i.e. the programs that run in the background/in your tray) use this information and do not send scroll up messages to Chrome (since the scroll bars already appear to be at the top). Mouse software which does not use this information or mouses that do not need software to help them scroll will therefore not be affected.

    It is possible to patch the mouse software, but it makes more sense to patch/fix Chrome."

    The program will quickly and automatically fix the "cannot scroll up using certain touch pads" issue for Google Chrome (until Chrome is fixed officially).

    Just run chrome_patch.exe. It will modify chrome.dll to fix the issue.

    You can download/read about it at

    or just Google for it..
    e.g. Google Chrome Scroll Fix

    Hope this can be of help to Chrome users!

    Edit: Here is the direct link for people who can't "Digg it" :p
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