Google introduces three Digital Wellbeing apps to help curb your smartphone addiction

David Matthews

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Digital Wellbeing debuted in 2018 as an experimental feature in Android Pie. It allowed people to manage their digital lives and give some visibility as to how often they were using their smartphones. Wind Down turns on Android's Night Light feature and turns the screen to grayscale to allow your eyes to rest. Google is adding more Digital Wellbeing apps that also work to "shame" users into using their phones less.

Activity Bubbles is an interesting app that could either annoy you or help you, depending on your disposition. It will create a bubble on your wallpaper every time you unlock your phone. The longer you're on your phone, the bigger it becomes. It somewhat resembles the Google Assistant logo and only stops growing once the phone is locked again. The result is a bunch of bubbles covering your wallpaper at the end of the day (above).

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The Envelope idea is pretty neat but the camera idea for it, not so good. I can imagine someone using it and then at the end of the day they end up with a bunch of blurry photos.