Google is tweaking the Play Store's app rating system to favor recent reviews


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What just happened? In a bid to add more credibility to its app rating system, Google is making some under the hood changes to its Play Store that will see user ratings coincide with the latest version of an app.

The team behind the Google Play Store revealed this week that the newest, and theoretically more relevant app reviews will be given greater weight when considering ratings. The change is similar to one made by Apple two years ago when it launched a feature that gave developers the option to reset an app or game's ratings when a newer version is released.

Highlighting this change, Google Play product lead Kobi Glick wrote on the company's developer blog, "Many of you told us that you want a rating that reflects a more current version of your app, not what it was years ago - and we agree. So instead of a lifetime cumulative value, your Google Play Store rating will be recalculated to give more weight to your most recent ratings."

The company claims that the changes will work better for developers as well as users who will now be able to see more precisely how recent changes or updates have impacted the user experience of an app or game.

The new rating is ready for preview by developers in the Google Play Console and Play Store customers can expect to see these changes in August.

Fun fact: Did you know that in your desktop browser, if you press the search button with the search bar empty, the Play Store will display Unicorn apps in the results.

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Hard to trust what the 'netizens' "rate" nowadays. Just need to install and try whatever we want to see and then decide for ourselves, nowadays.