Google looking to offer mobile phone service in fiberhoods

Shawn Knight

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Those living in Google Fiber areas seem to have all the luck. As if a speedy net connection at a reasonable price weren't enough, the search giant is now reportedly considering offering wireless services to these same customers.

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So how come most of the fiberhoods are in RED STATES voting for anti-net-neutrality politicians? Why not put the computer power in the hands of people who vote BLUE for net-neutrality?


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Dont bring politics into this. its purely industrial. RED STATES are much more business friendly and therefore businesses will be willing to try things there. plain and simple.

No matter what your beliefs are politically, the following is true.

Large companies have all the power. Theyre going to do what they want. And if they cant do it somewhere then they'll go elsewhere to do it. If I want to try something like lay out a fiber network, then im going to do it somewhere that isnt going to tax the crap out of me. So before you try to bring politics into this remember that money is everything, and BLUE STATES are all about taxing anyone they can so they can put in programs to help those they "cant" tax