Google may be developing their own game streaming service


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Video game streaming has been picking up quite a bit of steam lately. For the unaware, game streaming services typically offer users access to higher-end PCs via the cloud, allowing them to play games at high settings on less powerful hardware.

In most cases, users merely need to plug a provided streaming box into a compatible display to get started. How much input lag a user will encounter as well as the resolution they'll be able to play at is typically dictated by their Internet speed.

Being able to enjoy the latest PC games without shelling out for top-of-the-line hardware is certainly an appealing prospect for many and tech companies are looking for ways to capitalize on that.

To that end, it seems Google may be working on just such a service, dubbed "Yeti" internally. This service could take advantage of a Chromecast to stream games to a user's TV or other display. According to Engadget, the tech giant is also testing other hardware related to the service.

The service's debut was reportedly supposed to happen last year, however, so it's unclear whether or not Yeti will ever become a reality. If you need to get your game streaming fix in the meantime, you can try to sign up for Nvidia's recently announced GeForce Now beta or wait for Blade's $35/month Shadow streaming service to arrive on February 15.

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Uncle Al

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Not happy with Google for a LONG time so I doubt I would be interested in this one .... seems that when they get a winning formula they turn around and drop it.


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I wonder if any of these services end up being compelling enough for the casual gamer to subscribe to (I'm sure none will be compelling for hardcore gamers).

So far the only streaming service I really felt could be useful was the one that's being sold to hotels, cruise ships and hospitals. Forgot what that company was called. That seemed like it really could offer something useful.