Google re-directs me, Not Able to run any Antivirus Program

By AretiD
Mar 27, 2009
  1. Hi! I have this problem for 2-3 days now and nothing seems to work anymore...
    Firstly i noticed a google search would redirect me in porn or advertising pages!!

    Then a pop up window would come up in my screen every once in a while saying " GoogleUpdate.exe - Application error - An exception breakpoint has been reached" and finaly everytime i restart my pc avast can not run on access protection "avast! The AAVM subsystem detected a RPC error" but even though i'm following the steps from avast fag pages never seems to work..

    I tried to run malware antimalware bytes but i'm not able anymore! everytime i click on it nothing happens.

    I downloaded and tried to install SuperAntiSpyware but when I try to run it an error occurs "SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Debug or Close"

    Just a small detail which may be of help...Some days ago a strange program seems to have been installed in my pc named like "microsoft pctools" or something like that...i never installed such program and never asked it to run a scan in my pc.The problem is i don't remember what i did with it!!!

    Sorry but i'm a newbie with pc stafff, so i would appreciate your patience and your help!!!
    Thank you very much
  2. touch

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    It looks like we must have non-traditional methods in use -

    by Eric_71 and save it to your desktop.
    Lop S&D will only run on Windows XP and Windows Vista

    Disable your antivirus and antimalware programs so they do not interfere with the running of Lop S&D.
    Double-click LopSD.exe

    If you are using Windows Vista, right-click on LopSD.exe icon and select 'Run as administrator' to perform this scan.
    Choose the language by typing of the corresponding letter and press Enter
    Click OK at the informative window
    Type 2 to choose Option 2 (Fix + Hosts), then press Enter
    Wait until the end of the scan

    A report will be generated, attach the contents of it in your next reply.
  3. AretiD

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    now what???

    hi! many things have happened since last post!!!

    so in order to make things work and taking advices from here and there (i know this is wrong but i was frightened with the idea of this virus in my pc), i restarted my pc in safe mode, installed dr web- cure it but every time in the middle of the scanning the computer restarted by itself and returned in normal mode!!!
    Once dr web found this "trojan.startpage.1505." and i clicked "yes to all" but almost immediately the pc rebboted again.

    Everything was a mess...avast was not working, neither any other security program and i could not run any scan!!!!

    Then again in i tried to run dr web in normal mode and in express scan found this c:\windows\system32\\drivers\uactarjueik\sys is infected with BackDoor.Tdss.84!! I clicked Yes to all!

    The express scan finished but again the complete scan i tried to run afterwards .Pc rebooted again..

    But after that i was able to run search & destroy ( after disabling the tea timer, which was very annoying) i run a scan with search and destroy and after that....yes i was able to run malware bytes...

    i have attached all the logs from the various scans i have run...problem is that the first time i was able and i run malware bytes, avast started to work again and i didn't stopped it, so everytime malware found something a pop up from avast appeared and i was giving it the order to move it to chest!!!

    after all these i did the 8 steps you suggest except the hijack this...

    i don;t no was do i have to do now????

    do you want me to sent you any other files?

    maybe all the staff that are now in the quarantine?

    something else...during the scans there were a lot warnings in the system restore this going to create problem???

    thank you very much

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    "I'm sorry, but we do not support piracy. Due to the fact that your Superantispyware logfile clearly shows you have atleast one known crack/keygen, we will not help you.

    This is the main reason your computer is infected. Visiting cracksites/warezsites - and other questionable/illegal sites is always a risk.

    Even a single click on the site can drop multiple forms of very serious malware, many of which disable your onboard protection, and System Restore.

    If you install the cracked software, you are running executable files from these dubious, unknown sources. You are in effect giving these sources access to information on your hard disk, and potential control over the operation of your computer.
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