~~Grahpics Acceleration Issues~~, need help badly!!

By raising-dead
Jan 21, 2005
  1. hey,

    i recently buillt my comp in december, and increasingly i am having this problem, a message comes up after i freeze black " your graphics accelerator has been reset due to not responding to graphics driver commands ", it is such a headache and after paying so much money for a non-crappy system package i really want this to be fixed, it fails every restart , yes more frequent when i launch warcraft, i am running windows XP with service pack 2

    specs =

    Motherboard : Intel Desktop board D915GAG

    Memory : 2 sticks pc2700 512 DDR - totaling 1022mb of RAM

    Graphics card : ATI X300 series, 256mb card

    Processor : pentium 4, 3.0 Ghz

    Hard-drive(s) : 120 gig sata, secondary - 160 gig , both Western digital

    450 watts power supply

    running 2 harddrives, 2 fans, and CPU fan , also graphics card fan

    i been around the block for solutions to this they all looked primitive to my set up, referring to windows 98 and all, i formatted 3 days ago, no help there either, i even installed software as careful and by book as i could, still problems from the start, then i saw this forum, gotta be someone who knows , btw on the intel install disc the media graphics accelerator " failed " its install, it seemed so odd, is that maybe to do with it?

    .....more to add

    i had 4.1 catalyst drivers, and last night i downloaded the 5.1 catalyst download from your forum, and it fixed the problem for a whole day, granted the comp was on the whole time, but i played 3, 40 mins warcraft games, that is much more than normal, ...but before i installed the driver update i had removed the 2nd Hard drive and unplugged the fans, once the drivers made it work smooth, i plugged just the fans back on... now its screwed up again, i looked at my levels there is nothing wrong power wise it tells me, plz someone help me, i will call the ppl i bought the parts from if i have to, but all they will say is bring it in, and i dont have an easy time carting a computer 20 mins away

    thanks so much
  2. raising-dead

    raising-dead TS Rookie Topic Starter

    plz anyone im desperate for some advice im trying soo much things day and night in different orders but still i can only prolong my gaming and even regular web browsing before a freeze up of graphics
  3. slavster

    slavster TS Rookie

    hmm...have you checked your power supply? any loose connections or faulty cables? depending on your powersupply, you could be running a little too much...also check for any blown or almost blown capacitors on your mobo, if you see any brown spots on top of the caps, this is them leaking so try changing the mobo. also, some mobos can't handle more than a certain amount of hdd space so check your manual because i am not very sure because i could be wrong
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