Graphics Card ok in Device Manager, but not in dxdiag

By TimmiLatte
Mar 13, 2016
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  1. I just installed windows 7 on my computer. I have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760M graphics card.
    I have installed drivers for my graphics card. My driver shows up in device manager with no yellow warning signs, but when I run dxdiag nothing shows up.

    I have checked the Nvidia website and confirmed that the driver I have installed is the latest recommended driver for me, but the website also says I have no driver installed, even though it shows up in device manager.

    The only other anomaly that may contribute to this problem is that there is a warning in my device manager next to a pci driver, but I have run Windows Update, and it can't find an update for it.

    Please help me fix this.

    P.S. I have tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them several times.
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    Without system specs, I will guess wildly...card shows in Device Mgr because it is physically installed....however, BIOS has not been adjusted to show that...BIOS is telling the world that it is relying on internal graphics...this may confuse the operation of the pci slot (I've got a graphics card here - nope, don't have graphics).

    Remove nVidia drivers, turn off system and remove card, reboot, go to BIOS, load optimized default, reboot.

    Now, using manual for you system, make sure everything is running properly using internal graphics and WITHOUT the video card in a slot. Check Device Manager and resolve any errors. Run dxdiag and confirm all is in good order.

    Then, using installation instructions which came with your new card and the instruction in your system manual, install your new card.

    Sometimes, if you do not use just the right sequence of steps for installing a new video card in a machine which uses internal graphics, it becomes a mess. If you are missing a manual, go to the manufacturer's website and download it. Do NOT use 3rd party sites.

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