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Feb 20, 2007
  1. I have a SOYO P4VGM v1.0 motherboard with a 2.8ghz P4 and 1.25ghz of RAM and a 430w PS. I am running a BFG FX5200 PCI card right now and looking at a possible upgrade. My motherboard only has PCI and 1 2x/4x AGP slots. Not looking to spend a lot of money because I am planning on upgrading in a few years, just wanting get a few extra years out of my system and to keep playing games. Nothing hardcore, mostly Need For Speed and Call of Duty and such.

    These are the two cards I am looking at right now.

    Just by looking at the specs it seems as though the 9250 AGP card has similar numbers to my FX5200, but will the upgrade in interfaces make the AGP card any faster? And the X1300 looks to be much faster than my FX5200, but again is it faster than the 9250 even though it is using a "slower" interface? Is the AGP interface going to show a noticeable improvement over the slower PCI?

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    The agp card will do fine unless you are a gamer... in which case neither will do what you want.
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    I tried putting in a 4x/8x AGP card a few weeks ago and it wouldn't downclock correctly. The computer never even recognized it enough for the monitor to turn on. Which is why I am not pursuing another one, they are too hit or miss.

    I really don't want to spend more than $100, cause like I said, it is only going to be for a few years than get upgraded again.

    I guess my main question was whether or not the AGP would be any faster than my FX5200 simply because of the interface difference. And if it is, would it be faster than the X1300 I was looking at too for the same reason.
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    The AGP is a much faster interface, and handles video graphics much better.
    Whether the card you chose is the right choice in that machine is a different issue.
    Usually, you can expect the AGP card to be a better performer. Whether you can see the difference depends on too many other parameters... the rating of the card you choose, the front side bus of the computer, and your power supply.
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