graphics cards overheating

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Oct 12, 2006
  1. Hello i have been having a problem with my pc and hope someone here can give me some insight on what to do because i have run out of troubleshooting ideas.

    Lemmi give ya my specs in case it might help

    Soyo dragon ultra platinum
    xp 3200+ barton cpu
    512mb pc 4000 ddr memory module
    2 different gfx cards tested with same problems FX 5200 and ati x1300 both with most up to date drivers.

    Now on to my problem,
    just with my pc running idle the card to the touch will burn my hand but not crash but if ya look closely ya can see the screen flickering and sometimes color bleeding on webpages but as soon as i put it under a bit of load for example trying to play guildwars i can get ingame and play for anywhere from 5-10 mins before pc crashes and tries to reboot with the hdd light stuck on and i have to shut off power and reset it after a few moments to get pc to boot up again...At this time the card here was a 8x 128mb fx 5200 and i had guessed it was a problem with the card so i purchased a new 8x ati 256mb x1300 thinking it would solve my problem and surprisingly i noticed it overheated idle and after loading game it seemed to crash the pc more quickly then the FX card did...So basically i spent $$ on a new card just to have the same overheating/crashing problem.
    So i then guessed maybe it was my ram so i took out my memory and replaced it with some other strips of ram i had in a spare pc that i knew where in good working order and no change accured..I then tested the memory using memtest86 for it to report my memory passed all tests with no errors...So now i am at a loss and was considering replacing the motherboard because i can put both gfx cards i mentioned in my spare pc that runs a abit kv7 motherboard and they both run smooth on games and are maybe warm to the touch but not hot so either it is my board causing the gfx cards to overheat and not in other machines or it is something else i am missing here ??
    possibly psu ?? I am totally out of ideas..

    OHH and i forgot to mention before anyone says a air flow issue these problems i have mentioned are with the case even running FULL open with room temp at around 68-70c it can't get more cold and vented then that lol

    Anyway any help to solve this ongoing mystery i have here would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Rik

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    Could be that your mobo is putting out too much voltage to the agp slot!?!?!?

    Have a look in your bios for any agp voltage settings, agp x8 cards should run at 0.8 volts!!!!
  3. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Your kidding me !!??!! I have always been told ALL agp cards were 1.5v after 4x and pre 1-2x were 3.0-3.3 or something...In my bois under voltages it shows agp slot at a steady 1.5 volts i haven't changed any settings if 8x are indead suppost to run at only 0.8 volts then why doesn't my mb auto detect that and set voltage correctly anyway??

    Also upon going into my bois you can't set agp slot voltage for anything lower then 1.5 it only goes up from there to 1.5-1.8v so i believe it is suppost to be at 1.5 even my manual for my gfx cards say there 1.5v
  4. nickslick74

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    Take a look at THIS article.
  5. Rik

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  6. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak TS Rookie Topic Starter

    well going thru my gfx cards manuals they are suppost to be 1.5v and according to those sites ya posted any .8v card will still run on a 1.5v system i don't believe this is my problem especially considering the cards both work in my spare pc with 1.5v 8x system and run fine it is only in this machine they overheat and there chipsets is identicle.

    this machine has the soyo dragon with the via kt600 chipset and my spare machine has a abit kv7 kt600 chipset both have 8x agp running at 1.5v and my gfx cards run perfect on the abit board system but overheat in this soyo dragon system so it is either a flaw in this board of some sort or my psu is bad in this machine??
  7. nickslick74

    nickslick74 TS Booster Posts: 575

    One easy (kinda) thing to try would be to swap the power supplies. See what happens then.
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