Grub/Bootloaded/MBR got deleted or corrupt. Help needed in Installing Win7.

  1. I know too little about computers, maybe thats why I am going through this tragedy [​IMG] ... Need urgent help !

    I have a Sony VAIO laptop (Model: VPCEB32EN) which had Windows 7 installed. Recently I installed UBUNTU (alongside Win 7) so that I could heal the laptop of virus infections. Till that point everything was OK. Then the fault in my stars played out and I became a member of *****land. What happened is I tried installing Linux Mint too alongside the previous two OS's, and it stopped installing midway due to some error.

    Maybe then the grub or bootloader or MBR or whatever got deleted or corrupted by that divine process.

    Everything was gone and my computer would not boot.

    I tried installing Windows again from the Recovery Disk but to no avail. So I installed UBUNTU. That worked. I am going to name my son UBUNTU to honor this awesome OS.

    Now, the softwares that I actually work on have only the Windows version.

    Can anybody please guide me how to install Win7 again on my beautiful laptop?

    NB: I am more joer than the regular Joe. Step by step instruction would be heartily appreciated.
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