Grub Error 17.

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Sep 5, 2006
  1. Hi there people.

    I have recently installed Fedora C5 on my Intel Based sysem since SUSE and UBUNTU dont install for some reason.

    I have two SATA hard drives. On the first I have my windows os partitions and on the second I have several storage partition. I have installed FC5 on the second hard drive.

    When I boot i get the " Grub Error 17". I know FC5 is installed but I need to get the grub to let me dual boot.

    Thanx in advance.
  2. Nodsu

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    Something has happened to your hard drive or partitions and GRUB is confused.

    Did Fedora work properly after you installed it? What did you change?
  3. confused001

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    Well, i think you got a problem with the grub program.
    Try installing lilo.
    If not, you should reinstall grub.
    I have had the same error, and i have heard that if you reinstall it, it might work again.

    Good luck.
  4. IBN

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    Sorry for the delay guys. I ended up ditching Fedora and After re downloading the SUSE CDs, SUSE installed without a hitch. I wanted to install SuSE all along.
  5. YosefM

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    Good choice :) Having run SuSE on various machines since '98, I have seen the Grub errors a few times. Almost always a reinstall has fixed it, but have had machines that needed the scsi linear profile, even though they were all IDE.

    Grub error 17 is related to invalid device. This likely means that RH wasn't loading the SATA drivers - I think SuSE might have done a better job of detection. Others have solved this with a /boot partition on an IDE drive, others have fixed it by putting /boot on the primary drive.

    ...Have a lot of fun.
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