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GTA V beta keys giveaway + download

By garmon0202 ยท 10 replies
Aug 7, 2013
  1. Hello guys! I have 20 GTA V beta keys that I wont use so I decided to give it away to those of you whom cant afford to buy one. To participate just answer this questions:

    1. Why should I give you one beta key?
    2. Why do you like GTA V?

    Please answer here and then send an email to this email (Note: this is not my personal email, just one I create for this giveaway

    Good Luck!
  2. yeungmars

    yeungmars TS Rookie

    1. I really like GTA games and I used to play them all the time before my computer died.
    2. The trailer for GTA V looks awesome with the animals and new landscape and stuff
  3. TechGamer

    TechGamer TS Guru Posts: 370   +40

    1. ive been a Fan of gta for a long time one of my best childhood games from san andreas to iv and now that Gta V is comming out im Hooked and I wish to test it hands on for myself especialy on my new gaming rig.
    2. Mostly what I like is the graphics the new interesting game modes there talking about the improvements in the system the new character system switching and skills :) and so forth
  4. Gilbert_agius

    Gilbert_agius TS Rookie

    1. I really Love Gta series I love the open world series and im so loving gta 5 pls if you could send me a key

    2. its a game that is like real life it has awsome graphics , it has many things to do like racing or go diving ecc, and the multiplayyer is AWSOME the best multiplayer I have seen so far ,you can perform a heist,buy apartments,garages and you have content creator
  5. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,198   +593

    1: Because your awesome
    2: GTA has been one of those series that has just gotten better and better with so much detail, care, and beauty shoved into a game series that has been shown by some as being a vulgar trash game. But its not, its a work of art, each character is done with the ut-most care and you are compelled to just care about the characters and the game in general. GTA 3 was revolutionary in being one of the first open world games (On a console at least) and opened up a world that is Grand Theft Auto.
  6. TechGamer

    TechGamer TS Guru Posts: 370   +40

    I doubt the contest is ongoing he hasnt spoken in ages DONT FREAK OUT 11 days to go my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!survive

    tbh I just tried this for the lols his 1message in the forums and account created on the day of the thread looks real good and legit. probably just another phiser
  7. Asfand Akbar

    Asfand Akbar TS Rookie

    Gta 2 was the first game I ever played and I fell in love with the series ever since I have played every single Gta game that ever came out including all the dlcs
    if you wold give me this key I would really really really appreciate it ....You have no idea how thankful I would be
  8. TechGamer

    TechGamer TS Guru Posts: 370   +40

    1 day till the game goes out u dont need the beta key + seeing that this is a new account just to comment on this is not funny and this is a fake post
  9. Asfand Akbar

    Asfand Akbar TS Rookie

    PLease I am desperate I love this game please please 1 key please
  10. TechGamer

    TechGamer TS Guru Posts: 370   +40

    I already told u why do u need beta if the game comes out tommorow + this is fake so its useless to post... sorry
  11. frostvain214

    frostvain214 TS Rookie

    Answer to question # 1. > to be able to test for some bugs and suggest to any development in game also to test for some controls, graphics and any matter to be able to play the game better or lets say user friendly specially for those players are beginners. Thanks..
    answer to question # 2... > its a challenging game and it has more excitement than to other games and most I think it has a very good resolution, hope to have 1 key.

    Thank you for letting us sign on your free giveaway.

    More Power developers..
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