GTS 250 problems

By pcstore11111
Dec 5, 2009
  1. About 5 months ago, I bought a Twintech GTS 250 OC(512 mb GDDR3). It worked fine but began to make my PC freeze. Say when I am playing NFS SHIFT or even in My Computer, the image on screen freezes and if the sound is used, also a one-toned beep(not coming from the PC's lttle speaker). The screen can also go black with a few coloured pixels.
    As the GPU was still under warranty, I took back. After a few days it was refunded, but they wouldn't say why. Just after fitting it, installing two diffrent driver versions, it did the same thing.
    I also tested in my brother's PC and it did the same.
    Could anyone tell me how to fix this? What's the problem?

    PC specs:
    AMD ATHLON X2 7750(@ 2.7 GHz)
    ASUS M3n78 VM
    500Gb HDD
    500 watt PSU
    2X1Gb Trancend 800MHz DDR2
    2X512Mb Corsair XMS2 667MHz DDR2
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