GTX260 + 9600gt for Physx

By BlindObject
Dec 27, 2009
  1. So I read about how I can install my older 9600gt and make it so it's only there for PhysX. So I learned how to do it and it's quite easy. But now my question is, how much performance increase will I get from this set up?
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    Can you actually use 2 GPUs of different make on the same system? I've heard of SLI, CrossFire and Hybrid CrossFire but nothing like hooking up two vastly dissimilar nVidia GPUs. Even if you did use the 9600GT for PhysX I don't think you'll be seeing any great improvement. PhysX isn't implemented at a scale at which an additional GPU would make a difference.
  3. BlindObject

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    yeah, you can assign two GPUs for different jobs. As long as they're from the 8 series and above. You can even do it with ATI+Nvidia cards.

    and here's how you do it if you're interested.

    1. Turn off your computer and PSU
    2. Install your 9600 GT on the 2nd PCie slot
    3. Turn on your computer and uninstall your current driver.
    i. Go to My Computer's properties
    ii. Device Manager
    iii. Expand the Display Adapter
    iv. Right click on your card and click Uninstall; also, tick the option "Delete the blah blah" and click OK.
    v. Once done, if asked to restart, DO NOT RESTART yet. so hit NO/Cancel
    vi. Go to Control Panel and uninstall NVIDIA PhysX driver
    Vii. Go back to My Computer C:\NVIDIA\(here you have two folders which are your chipset driver folder and your display driver folder.)
    viii. Go to your display driver folder. Inside your display driver folder there is another folder, delete that.
    ix. Empty Recycle bin
    x. Download DriverSweeper: and your new display driver
    4. . Restart your computer and boot to Safe Mode
    5. Once in Safe Mode, open DriverSweeper and tick NVIDIA Display and click analyse/scan. Once finish scanning, Click Clean for several times. try to rescan it and clean it again.
    6. Restart your computer. Once you get back to your desktop, install the new driver. And restart after driver finish installing.
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