(GUIDE) Basic Mobo troubleshooting

By Tedster
Dec 27, 2007
  1. Troubleshooting a Motherboard from the PC Guide
    from: http://www.scsd.k12.wa.us/wrms/Info_tech/Beep Codes SG.pdf

    When first troubleshooting your motherboard, check the following first.
    1. power cable may be faulty
    2. loose screws or other components inside the case - causes shorts
    3. tight or pinched cables or wires
    4. cables off one pin
    5. red line of cable not on pin 1
    6. loosened connectors
    7. cables getting in the way of the CPU fan - fan does not run or makes noise
    8. cables being pushed inside the mechanisms of floppy disks
    9. loose mounting of the motherboard
    10. motherboard touching case
    11. cables to motherboard have black wires together (Check for correct wire configuration
    plug in of the power supply cables, to make sure they are plugged in correctly.)
    12. loose connections from the motherboard to a device
    13. ports not securely in place
    14. fan not securely on processor
    15. processor loose in the socket/slot
    16. examine the memory in banks
    17. expansion cards are not seated fully into their slots
    18. motherboard jumper settings are not correct - see motherboard manual
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