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Jul 28, 2004
  1. Quick question, in THIS guide it recommends to Unpick Enable LMHOSTS Lookup and Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and also to Disable TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper in the Services console. Basically while im all for improving my security, i would just like to know what doing the above actually does and how it impacts on the dat-to-day using of the system (if any)

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    Thank you, realblackstuff, for those links.
    However I didn't understand a word of it :D
    I'm just an average joe type person :), basically all i need to know is how does disabling lmhosts lookup and netbios improve security ?

    Cheers, Dayus.
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    LMHOSTS are only needed by networks with Server(s) installed. If you have no server(s) on your network, you dont need this, so switch it off.

    NETBIOS is an additional protocol, through which PCs communicate. Normally, the standard TCP/IP is more than enough.
    If a hacker could get into one PC, then he could use netbios to get into another PC.
    Using a router with a built-in firewall and/or a decent (not XPs own) software firewall should stop the hacker.
    Switching off Netbios is a "rather safe than sorry" measure. I personally don't switch it off in my Win2000 network, having both HW and SW firewalls in place.

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    Cheers realblackstuff.
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