Hacked BIOSs For MBs and RAID Controllers

By DrTeknical
May 17, 2003
  1. Hi All,

    About 6 months ago I found a website with hacked bios files for many popular motherboards that had on-board raid controllers. The pint to using these bios files was that it would convert the onboard RAID controller ports into UDMA100 IDE ports. I needed this because my Asus A7V333-R didn't play nicely with my "extra" IDE CDRW, CD, and DVD devices. I'm running either 2 or 3 hard drives and just didn't have enough channels! Anyway, I found this site, downloaded adn used hte BIOS file for my board adn it has worked great - no speed demon, but at least I get what I need!

    Problem is this - I now want to upgrade my Proc to a 2400+ model, but I don't know if the hacked bios I'm using will support it.

    Do any of you know of sites with alternate bios files like these? Would trying a 2400+ (thoroughbred B) in my current setup (replacing a 1600+ (palomino) cause any harm ?

    Thanks for any thoughts on this!! I've been using this hacked bios with no overt problems of any kind for quite a while now - seems cool to be able to get this many channels on one board!
  2. Tarkus

    Tarkus TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 621

    are you thinking of biosmods.com . I just tried their site but is appears to be down or gone. I havent been there in a year or more.
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