Half Life 2 problem - unsolvable?

By vega ยท 4 replies
Oct 8, 2008
  1. When I built my latest rig at the beginning of the year, the first game I installed was my steam 'half life 2' game which was not a problem on my last rig,but every time I click on the half life icon to start the game, I get a message indicating a Microsoft visual c+ problem, I've been getting this for months now and I've had no luck running the game despite changing hardware, changing OS, hacks and patches, after months of googling on the net, its apparent that I'm not alone in this, but what's also apparent is that there appears to be no fix and Steam are very vague concerning this, as a result, I have a great game with no prospect of playing it, has anyone come across this issue?
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    How did you install the game? Did you use a HL 2 retail disk or did you download it from Steam? If you haven't already, try going to Steam > My games and install HL 2 from your game list. It will take awhile though.
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  4. vega

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    CCT, if you were local, I'd buy you a drink - your fix worked perfectly!! many thanks from a long suffering half lifer with no life!!!
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    i just recently joined so that i could get some extra help with troubleshooting half life 2. everyone knows how many bugs there are in the game...=P okay i have a couple questions 1. do i have to have steam inorder to run the game? 2. if i do how do i get it? when ever i start the game and i click new game then i select the first level and click on start new game it will load for a while....then when the load bar reaches about two-thirds done my monitor goes into standby mode. i press Ctrl-Alt-Del and i still get a black screen but i press enter and the monitor comes back (but the background is all distorted and in different colors) i get the message that my drivers have failed or something like that. but i already have the latest drivers and everything. i check my specs and they seem to be okay. please help..............THANKS A BUNCH!!
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